Join us in 2021!

On a Project Jesus Distribution Adventure





What is it all about?

COLOMBIA: This is an amazing, large country with breathtaking landscapes, little towns hidden in the mountains, and friendly people.

HONDURAS: Here the 20-50 school principales are called into one place to pick up their books.  The authorities love putting on large thank you activities involving students and teachers.

NICARAGUA:  If you like off road driving, come and try Nicaragua’s rural ‘roads’.  Challanging and rewarding, this is one country you can’t miss.

COSTA RICA:  Want to see Proyect Jesus up close? Come visit our headquarters, see some schools, and get to know us better.

On the left, you can see the travel dates for each country.  Come for a week or two!

Adventure with a Purpose

In February and March of 2020, many adventurous people come to Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua to distribute Project Jesus books to public schools.  The groups take the message of Jesus to over millions of people, meet teachers and students, see beautiful countryside with some 4x4ing included, cross rivers and lakes on ferries and boats, and eat rice and beans.  Despite the world situation, God’s message will arrive at the schools.

We are to be Jesus’ hands and feet.  What better way than taking books that are 80% scripture to students in public schools?

This is a small video of pictures from the groups distributing books in Nicaragua.

We invite you!

Come take the message of Jesus to public schools in Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Colombia on an all-inclusive, 0 star trip to distribute Project Jesus books to rural schools.

We need YOU!

Would like to come but can’t for whatever reason?  Sponsor a driver!  There are many adventurous young people who would like to come distribute books but can’t afford it.  You can sponsor one you know or one on our waiting list.

Current COVID-19 situation?

We are navigating the pandemic situation.  If you have questions or travel concerns, contact us.

The Jesus book distribution will still be necesary even if the schools continue working from home.

You don’t have to commit until January, but reserve your spot by contacting us and letting us know you want to come!


“It was super challenging but was awesome to see God fully involved in giving wisdom, strength and ability and making a way for us wherever we went.

The warm welcome we received from the schools: leaders, teachers & children was amazing!”


It is very important that you:

  • Love God and have a desire to share Jesus with the children.
  • Know how to drive a stick shift pick-up truck.
  • Know how to navigate 4×4 roads.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs or have uncovered tattoos during the trip.
  • Send your signed waiver form.
  • Complete the donation of the total cost of trip.

Trip Recommendations

Details for distribution driving with Project Jesus for Children

Orientation day.  On Sunday, the team will be given an introduction to driving in each country, an explanation of the week’s routes, tips on how to load and distribute books, and other information, including basic Spanish.

Phone and internet: Each driver is given a local phone chip that has internet coverage almost anywhere in the country.  You will need to bring an unblocked phone to use it.   Each driver should have WhatsApp installed on the phone as that is the main way of communication during the week.   Most the hotels in the rural areas will have wifi.

Necessary items to pack:

  • Unblocked phone with WhatsApp installed

Recommended items to pack: These are some optional items that we recommend you bring:

  • A sheet for putting on the beds in less luxurious hotels
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Coffee thermos
  • Music
  • Google translate app installed on phone
  • Water bottles to be refilled at the base

National Guides: Every driver will be accompanied by a Project Jesus for Children national staff member.   These people work full time with the project and know what you all are supposed to be doing.   Every day, you will also pick up an educational authority. These people work with the Ministry of Education and will not only help give directions for getting to schools, but also be the direct connection with each principal.

General Schedule: Every week day, starting at 6:00-6:30am, each team (driver and staff member) will have a list of schools that are the drop off points in the order they are to be visited.   Each box of books is clearly marked with the name of the school it is to be dropped off at.  Almost every afternoon, the team returns to the warehouse to load the books for the next day.

Passport: You need to keep a photocopy of your passport as well, as that is what you will use along with your license to drive in the countryside.    Your passport will stay at the hotel under lock and key.

Travel insurance:  The rented vehicles have full coverage.  We have no bail insurance and you don’t want to go there.  Each person obtains their own travel/medical insurance.

Dress code:  Long, formal, shorts (like tennis shorts) are allowed in the schools and a t-shirt is fine. Tattoo’s should be covered.

Luxuries: There are a couple of destinations that require an overnight stay somewhere in the boonies.   Only those comfortable with fewer luxuries will be sent to these locations.   Please send us an email if you are NOT comfortable with that.

Food: Sack lunches are provided everyday as “there are more cows than kids” in a lot of areas you will be driving in. Please let us know if you have any allergies or food related problems.  These sack lunches will be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, fruit, cookies, peanuts, etc.

Coffee: If you like or need coffee throughout the day, please bring a thermos.  On most of the routes there are no restaurants or stores.  There will be coffee each morning at headquarters that you can use to fill your thermos.

Waiver form: We will be sending out a waiver that must be signed and returned before tickets are issued.   It must be signed and co-signed by both parents if participant is under age.

The books you deliver will be the only textbook some children receive as the government does not provide textbooks in schools.   All work is done off a blackboard.  Let your imagination try to imagine where these books will end up.  It will become the prized possession of many homes across the country and you will be a part in these changes.  Read Psalm 2:8 and 8:2 and realize what they mean.

Weekly Schedule

What each week looks like:

All details of the schedules and routes for each driver are made by Project headquarters.  Project national staff will guide each volunteer to the schools, deal with the principals, and handle the paper work.  You do not need to know Spanish and the logistic details will be explained when you arrive.

Saturday: Arrival at chosen country

Sunday: Orientation, picking up rental trucks, driving to assigned Project base


6:00am – devotional

6:15am – drive to municipal education office to pick up educational authority and guide

7:30am – visit 6 to 12 schools or meeting with school principals

4:00pm – head back to warehouse to load up the books for the next day

7:00pm – dinner

Friday afternoon, everyone goes back to the city of entry, returns the rental trucks, and stays at the hotel.

Saturday: Return trip home

This schedule is only to give you a general idea of what the trip looks like.  Each week and driver is unique depending on the assigned areas.

For more information, we can set up a video call with you.

Distribution Bases

The PJFC distribution bases in Nicaragua are:

Sebaco, Mataglapa

Jinotepe, Carazo

The North Team is larger because of the distance to cover.  The roads are rougher and the days longer.

The Central Team is small and covers Central American city driving, visiting large schools each day.

The South Team is a mix between the other two, with a warmer climate.

The PJFC distribution bases in Honduras are:

Near Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula

The PJFC distribution base in Costa Rica is:

San José

The PJFC distribution base in Colombia is:

Silvania, Cundinamarca