• Leading children to appropriate values based on the life of Christ

  • Training teachers in the use of Project Jesus for Children’s material

  • Word of God impacting families

  • Creating educational material founded on the gospel

  • Students stopping violence and learning to love

  • Improvement in behavior and grades as students meet Jesus

  • Material based on Jesus’ teachings

  • A personal encounter with Jesus is fundamental

Central American Schools in World Situation

Due to the world situation, the school panorama is constantly changing in the countries we work in, but we firmly believe that the harvest field is ripe and God wants us to work harder than ever.  Last week, we produced the first value of every grade as a digital class for the kids to do at home.  Even if the teachers weren’t able to give each child their book before lock down, the kids can still do the lessons and learn of Jesus.  Here is what God has us doing in each country:

Costa Rica:

All schools are shut down and the teachers have to start providing digital classes on Monday.  They are so excited about the project’s digital class that many have been ordering their books to distribute through the principal when he/she gives out food.

Honduras and Colombia:

The staff started calling principals and giving them the links to the digital classes.  The
pictures of parents and kids studying Vital Values with Jesus have already started coming in.


School will not be shut down so work continues as normal.   We are in the process of contacting and visiting schools to confirm that they are starting the books.

El Salvador:

The books arrived a week after lock down started.  Yesterday, the president declared school closed for the rest of the year (and they had just started their school year). He has also mandated digital classes starting on Monday. The project staff will be working very hard to distribute the digital class and our hope is that 100% of El Salvador will use them.  The books will probably be kept for next year.


School has been shut down and the Ministry of Education has not mandated anything.  For the moment, the staff on contacting each teacher, principal and educational authority, sharing Bible verses and encouragement and praying with them.   What an opportunity to minister!  The thank-you messages have been flowing in.

It is so exciting what God is doing!  What a turning to Him!  We appreciate your prayers.

Our Vision

Extending God’s Kingdom in the education systems of each country He leads us into.

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