Lives Changed!

These are true stories the Project workers have collected from the teachers and students using VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS

April 2016

Honest students

Grade 6 teacher said there has been profound attitude changes to the point that the kids bring their own Bibles to read and pray with every morning before starting classes.  They don’t dare use […]

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A changed school

Chiriqui, Panama – The director commented on how the school has changed since using the material. “A student found a dollar bill outside the school grounds and brought it to the principal to locate […]

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November 2015

Not foolishness

Nicaragua – a teacher realized that one of her students was always sad and that he was the only one who didn’t have a book because the child said his dad wouldn’t buy one […]

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Peace in the battle

A grade 3 teacher in Honduras was studying lesson 4 on security with her class when a major gun battle broke out outside the school between rival gangs.  The teacher said that what impressed […]

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October 2014

Gang Zone

“My school is in a gang zone and they affect all the kids. I couldn’t come near one of my grade one students, Diego, as he would always hit me. Through implementing Project Jesus […]

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September 2014

Grade 6 – no more marijuana

Lesson 6 of grade 6: Teacher Ivan from Costa Rica was teaching his grade 6 group of the importance of physical integrity, that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore should […]

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August 2014

Used to be a violent kid

Hiekel, a 3er grader, used to be a violent kid. He would go around trying to hit the other kids on the back of the head, etc.  Then his teacher gave him a VITAL […]

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Her mother was drinking too much

Maria, a grade 1 girl, was having problems at home because her mother was drinking too much.  Then Maria learned the value of Obedience and in turn, taught her mother. She explained to her […]

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God is not one to show partiality…

A grade 3 teacher excitedly told the Project worker about how her students are putting into practice the values they are learning in the VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS books, especially the value of Equality.  […]

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Mrs. Solia, is amazed at the change in her student

A grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Solia, is amazed at the change in her students. They were very undisciplined and difficult to control. Then they started using VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS. God message touched the […]

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