Lives Changed!

These are true stories the Project workers have collected from the teachers and students using VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS

3 year change

One of the Project workers in Panama visited of a 6th grade class (see picture below) where the students told of how much they liked their books, how much they had learned etc.  Karla relates how three years ago she tried to deal with this class for the first time and how terrible they were. 9 of them had parents in jail and others related how their mothers had told them that she didn’t want them. So over the past years she would spend a little extra time helping them and their teacher, and she was so happy yesterday to meet them again and find them so changed and mature.


Violence to Values

A third grade teacher in the center of El Salvador had a very difficult group. They were vulgar and violent by adult standards. She could barely teach them anything. Then they started studying Vital Values with Jesus and their behavior has changed. She says that they have done a 360 and are now showing more of Jesus love each day. The principal is excited to see how the parents (prostitutes and market workers) will slowly change as their children bring home the Word of God.