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“Vital Values with Jesus” is a series of educational books for primary school that teach moral values based on the life of Jesus Christ.


  • The teachers’ manual is a 432 full color book that guides the teacher step by step though action packed, 40 minute lessons.
  • ‘Vital Values with Jesus’ does not promote religion and is taught by public and private school teachers.
  • Each student has a student book, a different one per grade.
  • These books contain coloring pages on the life of Christ, activity sheets, and crafts.
  • The students learn 8 different values each grade, studying Jesus’ perfect example.

Obedience - Honesty - Sharing - Respect - Faith


  1. It is follow up material to the Children’s Jesus Film.
  2. Lesson 7 of every grade is on the crucifixion of Christ and leads
    the student to a full understanding of the salvation message.
  3. School teachers are in charge of teaching the material.
  4. Project workers train the teachers and follow-up on their progress.
  5. Project Jesus for Children uses ‘Vital Values with Jesus’…
Disclaimer: This material is copyrighted and is not to be used in any church or Sunday school, reason being that this material must not have connection to any denomination or religion.