A grade 3 teacher excitedly told the Project worker about how her students are putting into practice the values they are learning in the VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS books, especially the value of Equality.  One girl’s mother told her not to play with a little boy in the neighborhood because the boy’s skin was darker.  Susan explained to her mother that God made us all equal and quoted the memory verse, “God is not one to show partiality…” (Acts 10:34). She taught her mom that God loves everyone equally.

Also, Fred’s mother was planning his birthday party and explained to Fred that there would be two different kinds of food, one kind for special friends and family and a small cheap plate for the rest of the people, and that he was not to associate with the poor people.  Fred told him mom that he would prefer no birthday party because that is not what God teaches. Fred explained the lesson on Equality to his mother.