What does your donation do?

Because the ministries of education in each country match the donated dollar approximately 20 to 1, each of your dollars represents:

$1 = 1 child studying the life of Jesus = 1 year.

8 out of every 10 children sponsored are impacted with the Word of God and experience a life change.  Many of those same children become agents of change to their families as well.

Meeting Jesus changes everything.  As Jesus becomes their best friend, their teachers and parents see improvement in their:

  • attitudes

  • behaviour

  • grades

Jesus is the answer, the only answer.



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Pre-Authorised Donations will be activated by September 30.


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Melody Meneses
Sugar Hill, Georgia, USA


Bill and Sandy Davidson
Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica


Carla Davidson
Operations Administrator
Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica


Holly Davidson
Finacial Administrator
Moravia, San Jose, Costa Rica



Thank you for your generous support!

To request additional information please use the contact form below or write us at: info@projectjesusforchildren.com