Project Jesus for Children was born in Costa Rica in 2001 as God placed in the the hearts of the Davidson Family  the vision for reaching Latin America’s most valuable resource, her children, with the good news of Jesus Christ.

storyofjesusTwo months after «The Story of Jesus for Children» film came out in Spanish, it was played on national television in Costa Rica on the most widely viwed channel during Easter week.

Scrolled several times across the bottom of the sreen were the words:“If you want this film shown in your school, please call the following number.”

Project staff received calls for two hours straight, and, with that kind of a send off, all that was needed was the recommendation of the national education authorities.


praise2God granted us favour with the Archbishop of Costa Rica, and also with the Ministry of Education and they gave the project letters of recommendation.

Within a couple of years the ministry had expanded to include Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama, as well as Costa Rica. We continue to seek God’s favour with the educational authorities as the work moves forward.

From 2001 to 2012, Project workers showed the Jesus film for Children 40,000 times in 6,000 schools to more than 1,900,000 children.

But showing the Jesus film once to students wasn’t enough for the teachers. They requested educational material that would help them show the film to their students and follow-up on the students’ important encounter with Jesus.  In 2012, VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS was produced by Project Jesus for Children and since then the Project’s work has shifted.

The goal will always be to reach the children with Jesus’ message of love and salvation, though now the Project focuses on supporting the teachers as they show the Jesus film for Children and teach VITAL VALUES WITH JESUS  to the students all year long.

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